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NOW TAKING APPOINTMENTS FOR TATTOO WORK, At the moment im fairly freed up with work. So now is your time to get in with me for an appointment. please contact me here on my website, MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE A EMAIL AND PHONE NUMBER SO I CAN GET BACK IN TOUCH WITH YOU! THANKS for everything from all of the clients I have tattooed.


If you would like to set an appointment, let me know what your thinking of doing and come by the shop and see me. Im usually there 5-6 days a week depending on my hectic schedule. If your wanting something completely custom, ill sit down with you and we will go from there.The minimum is 60.00 and the hourly rate can vary from 120.00-150.00 depending on what we are doing. ( the hourly rate is ONLY for large scale work, I quote other size tattoos by the work involved not by the hour.)

you can also email me at if your wanting to email a picture to me for an appt, however, a Deposit is required for ALL appointments and you will need to come in before i draw anything up. the The Standard Deposit Normally Ranges around 40.00 to 100.00. Unless the tattoo is very large.

~John Dame~